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The village of Vytina is one of the most beautiful villages in Greece. It is situated at an altitude of 1033m on the bedside of the Mainalo mountains and is nearly 190 km from Athens.

Famous for its healthy climate and alpine scenery and for its ideal location that is perfect for winter and summer tourism, Vytina is regarded as the base for many visitor expeditions to the rich mountains of Arcadia.

Today, Vytina has developed a significant residence infrastructure, atmospheric cafes and traditional taverns that will exceed the expectations of the most demanding visitors and is by far the most popular destination in the region.

In addition, Vytina claims its contribution to history, education and science of Greece. It was the birthplace of Constantine Paparrigopoulos, the great law teacher Vasileios Economidis and the birthplace of John Dimakopoulos commandant of the historical monastery 'Arcadiou' and hero 'Kollias the Vytinioti'. The hero of the Acropolis Giorgos Santas and the former President of Cyprus George Vasiliou were also born here.
Near the central square one can find the library of Vytina that includes valuable historical records for the region, while in a newly-built building one can find a valuable Museum.

The "Road of Love", the beautiful tree covered alley at the entrance of Vytina is suitable for romantic walks, especially in autumn and spring.

Vytina is famous for its dairy products, fir honey, meat and the wood art.

Within and around the Mainalo mountain unfolds the history of tens of centuries of Greek history. The area according to mythology, was the birthplace of mythical gods, such as Zeus, Demeter and Panas. Mainalo mountain is rightfully regarded as one of the most beautiful Greek alpine forests.

Countless legends and traditions associated with the mountain exist, where gods and heroes of mythology lived. Mainalo was the home of Panas, the half goat half man god of the shepherds and flock, Mainalo was where the goddess Demeter appeared very often and where the famous nymphs kept wandering around.

The ideal landscape inspired Goethe, Vyrgilio, Pousen and many other poets and philosophers, and was blessed by them. Indeed, according to Vyrgilio, in the Mainalo mountain "you can always hear the love songs of shepherds and of Panas, playing the flute". The world famous and popular to this day philosophical school of "Arcadia" owes its birth to this mountain.

Taking a simple tour around the mountain, one can recall the history of '21 where Mainalo was the inspiring root of the Great Greek Revolution. The region gave our homeland the highest it could give to the liberation struggle, the best among the best, General Theodoros Kolokotronis.

Many historical and graphical villages scattered around, full of remnants of ancient and medieval settlements, churches, monasteries, secret schools, stone bridges, watermills and paved paths, Mainalo is really a vast park of culture and history.